What is it?
A full-day design workshop in which you work on a specific design case using four new emotional design approaches. The idea is that you get a free, in-depth workshop, and we get to see how well the new design approaches work.

What are the design cases about?
The design cases are all about user contexts that have a dominant negative emotion that is caused by something that cannot be ‘solved’. For instance, when you are in a traffic jam (annoyance) or preparing an important presentation (nervousness) – you cannot simply take away the causes of the negative emotions. But, we found four other things you can do as a designer to improve the situation!

Who are we looking for?
IDE master students and IDE graduates. We especially invite people who have done one of the Design-for-Emotion elective courses in the past – but even if you haven’t, you are very welcome to participate. The workshop will be partly done in groups of three and partly individual.

What do you get?
You’ll be working with the latest emotional design approaches, free of charge! :)
We think the design approaches will be very useful for designers who have to design for demanding user domains at some point in their career, such as health, transportation, personal relationships, etc. There will be a good lunch provided, as well as nice coffee and snacks during the breaks.
And, if you make it through the entire day in one piece, you will receive a useful thank-you present!

Somewhere in the first half of April. We will determine the definitive dates based on your availability. There will be two workshop dates (with identical content) – so there should definitely be a date suited to you.

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The deadline for subscribing is Friday 20 March.

Workshop program