Design students who are interested in working with DIOPD researchers, can participate with a research project. You can either participate in one of the on-going research DIOPD projects, or formulate a new project that fits with the general DIOPD intentions.

With your project, you will get acquainted with setting up, executing, and reporting a research project. Important activities are reading relevant literature, formulating research questions, data collection, data analysis and writing a report or scientific article.

You will be tutored by one or more of the regular DIOPD researchers. Moreover, during your research project, you will be in the DIOPD team: you will get to know the researchers, their research, and additional DIOPD activities. You will compete your research project with a report or a paper.

A research project count as IDE master Elective, and can represent 6, 7, 8, or 9 ECTS.

ID5502 Research 6 ECTS (21 days)
ID5503 Research 7 ECTS (24,5 days)
ID5504 Research 8 ECTS (28 days)
ID5505 Research 9 ECTS (31,5 days)

To facilitate expression and communication of student projects, we have developed a proposal template which you can download.