Slow Design is a design philosophy that aims at supporting people in doing things at the right time and with the right speed, in order to help them to understand and reflect about their actions. By getting them focused and involved, people will be able to take control, begin to relax and create a better bond with the product.

The goal of this graduation project is to explore and apply the Slow Design principles, defined by Carolyn F. Strauss and Alastair Fuad-Luke in order to develop concepts for consumer electronics that are more sustainable. Slow Design will be used to improve the ‘product attachment’ which leads to a longer and more sustainable use of the products. Barbara works on this project in cooperation with Philips Research in Eindhoven. The exemplary product chosen to apply, test and demonstrate the opportunities of Slow Design on is a product that fits the portfolio of Philips and that has hardly any Slow Product qualities yet: a juicer.