This year Gert Pasman together with Lenneke Kuijer and Rob Maas (BK) have been running the new Bachelor elective IO3045 “Video for Designers”, in which students are trained to understand, apply and experience the potential of video in different stages in their design process. The course is structured around three assignments, each addressing a different stage in the design process, a different design perspective and a different designer’ role.

Video for Design Conceptualisation was one of the assigments, video is a powerful medium to articulate feelings and emotions, and, more importantly in a design context, to show and reveal the interactions that evoke these experiences. The goal of this assignment was to create a movie of about 60 to 90 seconds that expresses a specific emotional interaction.

Love, emotional interactions created by Olivier Deleye and Robin dos Santos Gomes for IO3045 Video for Designers (made for educational purposes only). Watch more videos here.