This question fuels our institute.

Since the industrial revolution, all of our society – our workplaces, homes, transportation, and communication, have increasingly become infused with design. This impressive boost in material wealth did, however, not seem to result in an equal increase in subjective well-being. Research has shown that our dishwashers, computers, radios, cars, and other products we are surrounded with, do not make us particularly happy. This observation is, however, in strong contrast with the aspirations of many designers and design students: to make a positive contribution with their designs to the individual user, and to society in general.

That is why the DIOPD was established in 2011: To initiate and stimulate the development of knowledge that supports designers in their attempts to design for happiness, for human flourishing. This knowledge should not only help designers in their attempts to deliberately design for meaningful product-user relationships, but ultimately also to design products that contribute to a healthy society: to make the world a better place.

On this website, you can find current and past activities of the institute and present and past members of the institute. As much as possible, the site also provides access to tools and techniques for happiness-driven design, relevant publications, and opportunities for collaboration and contribution.