PrEmo (Product Emotion Measurement Instrument)

Pieter Desmet (concept & production); Peter Wassink (cartoons); SusaGroup (interface & code).

PrEmo is a non-verbal self-report instrument that measures seven positive and seven negative emotions. The unique strength of PrEmo is that it combines two qualities: it measures distinct emotions and it can be used cross-culturally because it does not ask respondents to verbalize their emotions. In addition, it can be used to measure mixed emotions. PrEmo data can be useful for evaluating the emotional impact of existing designs (e.g. for creating an emotional benchmark), or for creating insights in the relationship between product features and emotional impact that are valuable in an early design stage.

PrEmo measures distinct (pleasant and unpleasant) emotions in a non-verbal manner that is validated cross-culturally. PrEmo can be used both as a quantitative tool (e.g. to identify the concept with the most pleasant emotional impact) and as a qualitative tool (e.g. to use as a discussion tool in consumer interviews).


Examples of PrEmo expressions


Pieter Desmet (concept & production); Peter Wassink (cartoons); SusaGroup (interface & code).

Desmet, P.M.A. (2003). Measuring emotion; development and application of an instrument to measure emotional responses to products. In: M.A. Blythe, A.F. Monk, K. Overbeeke, & P.C. Wright (Eds.), Funology: from usability to enjoyment (pp. 111-123). Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Desmet, P.M.A., Hekkert, P., Jacobs, J.J. (2000). When a car makes you smile: Development and application of an instrument to measure product emotions. In: S.J. Hoch and R.J. Meyer (Eds.), Advances in Consumer Research, 27, 111-117.


PrEmo is available for academic use as an an offline, printable tool. You can download this tool here.

For commercial use of PrEmo, please contact Emotion Studio.

Publication date
Various versions between 2002 and 2013