How do you feel and think about your body characteristics?
How do others feel and think about your body characteristics?

As we see, exchange and relate to many different people through direct contact or though media on a daily basis, we are constantly surrounded, challenged and confronted by our own image, and we find ourselves in a position to reflect, compare or judge our own appearance, belongings and actions.

In this workshop, participants explored and expressed their own body behaviour.  Stories about an individual body characteristic were discussed in groups and individually materialized into an object connected to the body. The objects were made by various materials in order to function as communicative and reflective tool. The participants came up with products to visualize or emphasize a body aspect, creations to interact or compare with others and inventions to challenge or change their body perspective.

The workshop was given by Debora Dax, a Swiss designer based in Amsterdam. She developed a keen interest in the relation between the perception of the bodily self, everyday life and social behaviour. Debora Dax’s work explores social norms and offers concepts to make people rethink and re-act body diversity. Her designs aim to sensitize body perception and enhance feelings such as comfort or intimacy.

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The workshop took place in collaboration with Dr.-Ing. Anna Pohlmeyer.