Together with Jodi Forlizzi from Carnegie Mellon University, Pieter Desmet and Anna Pohlmeyer co-edited a special issue on ‘Design for Subjective Well-Being’ in the International Journal of Design. The issue was published 30 November.

Design for subjective well-being is the activity of designing with the explicit intention to support people in their pursuit of a pleasurable and satisfying life, and, even more important, in their desire to flourish.

This issue explores the constructs of design for subjective well-being through a set of five papers, which together examine the topic through a variety of lenses. After introducing subjective well-being as an explicit design objective, the topic will be discussed in terms of experience design, business, ethics, and co-design.

We hope that this work will provide a framework and a research agenda with which design researchers can leverage the momentum that is currently observed in this positive design movement and, as a result, contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities.

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