From October 2018 onwards, three PhD projects are available in the “design for mood regulation” research project.

Job description
For these projects, we are looking for three ambitious PhD candidates to join forces in increasing our understanding of how design can support positive mood regulation, and to develop tools that facilitate a systematic approach to mood-driven design. The PhD projects are part of a five-year project on ‘design for positive mood regulation’ funded by NWO (The Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research). The overall aim is to develop a theory that (a) details the mechanisms that underlie mood experiences in human-design interaction, and (b) explains how design-supported mood regulation can foster human well-being.

The three PhD candidates will collaborate while each working on their own project. They will use various research methods, including research-through-design approaches, to explore how design (products and environments) can support and stimulate positive mood regulation. The projects will build on theoretical foundations that are currently developed by post-doctoral researchers. The PhD candidates will conduct their research under the supervision of Desmet, and the project will be embedded in the Delft Institute of Positive Design at the ID Studiolab of TU Delft (

Our ideal PhD candidates have a Master degree in design (and an interest in mood/emotions) or in psychology (with expertise on emotions/mood and an interest in product design). They have excellent research and writing skills and a strong interest in pursuing a scientific career, as well as the ability to develop creative design tools and techniques. The position is full-time. The deadline for submitting applications is June 15, 2018.

Background information about the design for mood project:

In April 2018, additional information, including on how to apply will be posted here: