Research internship opportunity:
Library of Interaction Qualities

Emotions like joy, contentment, love, interest, amusement, and pride, are evoked by different eliciting conditions and they also differ in how they influence on the ways a user interacts with a product. For example, joy stimulates playful interactions, and interest facilitates focused and explorative interactions. It can be advantageous for designers to understand how distinct  emotions differently shape interaction qualities.

The aim of this research project is to develop a set of ‘qualities of interaction’ that can be used to inspire designers when envisioning emotional impact of a product in design processes. An array of differentiated interaction qualities will be explored resulting in movie-clips and visual cards that show a hand interacting with an artifact with a particular quality (e.g. caressing, stroking, caring, touching, squeezing, slapping, groping, etc.).

You will earn 6 or 9 ECTS (ID5502 / ID5505), depending on available time & interest.
You will be offered to join Institute of Positive Design (http://diopd.org) and develop both design and research skills working closely with the institute members.

Starting date: September 2014
Contact: Jay Yoon – j.yoon@tudelft.nl

This project is part of the research of Jay Yoon at the Institute of Positive design (http://diopd.org/yoon).