On March 20, the United Nations ‘International Day of Happiness’, Simon Jimenez, Anna Pohlmeyer, and Pieter Desmet launched the Positive Design Reference Guide. The guide provides anyone who is interested in the topic with a quick entry point into a variety of theories that can be relevant for well-being-driven design. It comprises 29 models, theories and frameworks, drawn from both psychology and design research that can inspire and guide designers in their attempt to contribute to people’s happiness through design.

The ceremony took place at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and included a presentation of the guide and discussion with design students on how to get involved in research projects on positive design. The first two copies of the guide were officially handed to Prof. Pieter Jan Stappers, director of research, and Niels Lie, chair of the Design for Interaction student association infuse.

The guide is available online and via print-on-demand.
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Launch of the Positive Design Reference Guide. From left to right: Niels Lie, Pieter Jan Stappers, Anna Pohlmeyer, Simon Jimenez, Pieter Desmet.