Interview with Pieter Desmet on Positive Design in Juist Magazine

The November issue of Juist Magazine published an interview with Pieter Desmet (in Dutch). In the interview he reflects on his research, his driving forces, and his academic challenges: “we are much more emotional about objects than we tend to believe”.

Juist Magazine, a publication of Elsevier Weekblad
November 2017, volume 5, edition 43, page 18-22
Interview: Liesbeth Wytzes. Photos: Olivier Middeldorp

“Juist Magazine is an intelligent monthly magazine for those who want to escape from the issues of the week, the often negative news and all apps, e-mails and tweets. For readers who prefer to look at the world with a broad interest rather than to stay behind the barricades. With a positive vision of life, Juist Magazine offers inspiring and stories about innovation, culture, politics, entrepreneurship and travel.”

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