By Maaz Khan

Subjective well-being is one of the key elements to enhance creativity, innovation and productivity. A common misconception regarding well-being at a workplace is a focus on physical health and mental illness. Whereas “well-being” in fact encompasses the achievement of ultimate happiness or joy (hedonic approach) as well as the attainment of self-realization (eudemonic approach). There are 13 fundamental psychological needs that need to be fulfilled by an individual to attain happiness; or in other words, subjective well-being. A collaborative method is developed to analyse employees’ subjective well-being within the context of their organization. This is done by collaboratively exploring the essential meaning of happiness within a context and simultaneously communicating that essential meaning through dialogue. Such a method benefits organizations to build and improve a well-being mindset that is not just oriented towards physical health; ultimately leading to high productivity.

Be a Participant

You (your organization), as a participant, will allow this (theoretical) method to be tested; enabling it to evolve into a more practical method through real life narratives. It will be in a workshop format, which will help you to gain a deeper understanding of the 13 Fundamental Needs for happiness within the context of your work (organization). You will be able to reflect on the aspects of your work that enhance or harm your happiness, possibly helping you to elevate your well-being during the current COVID-19 situation. You will also be adding immense value to this research allowing a method to be developed that enables organizations to nurture and develop their human assets. The results (in whatever tangible or actionable form) will be shared with you (your organization) which will inform or inspire you about your organization’s happiness (well-being).

How to Participate

A group of 4-7 colleagues working at a common workplace can form a participating group, representing an organization. It will be conducted online and in two sessions.

Session 1

This session will include an online one-to-one informal interview with each individual. The participant will be asked to make collages of 3 out of the 13 Fundamental Needs in a think-aloud format and a casual discussion will be done on those collages. This will take around 30-40 minutes.

Session 2

 The study will end with a reflection session with you and your colleagues together, having meaningful discussion on the 13 Fundamental Needs. This will be done through an online collaboration tool (optional) and an online group meeting.