The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in various unpleasant affective responses and dysfunctional behaviours, which created an urgent demand for effective interventions to support people’s coping and resilience. In addition to common forms of intervention, alternative approaches have also been explored, including the use of COVID-19-themed games to educate people about the pandemic. The present article explores the diversity of games and gamified interventions developed for the context of the COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of fundamental human needs. By providing an example of how human needs can inform design decisions, the article aims to inform and inspire readers who are interested in developing new impactful game-based interventions for similar large-scale crises.

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Kermavnar, T., & Desmet , P. M. A. (2022). Games for COVID-19. Base, Diseño E Innovación7(6), 30-48. https://doi.org/10.52611/bdi.num6.2022.779