The act of saving money can connect one’s present state to a meaningful future state, es- pecially if we consider money not as a direct source of happiness, but as a resource for engaging in meaningful activities. To explore how design can contribute to making the act of saving more meaningful, we conducted two studies. The rst consisted of questionnaires and interviews about saving. The second was a study on the BILLEGAS piggy bank design case, in which we sought to determine success factors, and evaluate them among three groups in di erent levels, during a four-week period. The study indicated that design could stimulate empathy with the product, a meaningful saving experience with a relevant contribution to well-being, and an increase in the amount of money saved. The study culminated with new insights to enrich the meaningfulness of the saving experience in other contexts, and to increase the user’s well-being.


De Francisco Vela, S., Desmet, P. M. A., & Casais, M. (2014, October). Feeding your piggy bank with intentions: A study on saving behaviour, saving strategies, and happiness. In Proceedings of the colors of care: The 9th International Conference on Design and Emotion, 6-7 October 2014, Bogota, Colombia. Ediciones Uniandes.