This paper presents a five-day intense course that teaches “emotion-driven design” (EDD) to graduate students with a broad variety of disciplinary backgrounds at the Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University. We introduce seven principles drawn from design-relevant emotion knowledge that informed the design of the course’s overall structure, and explain how they guided the development of learning activities and materials. We envision that this paper will interest design educators who aspire teaching how to operationalize emotions in creative design processes to students with little preexisting expertise in (or scientific knowledge about) emotion psychology.

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Desmet, P., Xue, H., Xin, X., Liu, W. (2022). Emotion deep dive for designers: Seven propositions that operationalize emotions in design innovation. In: Evangelos Markopoulos, Ravindra S. Goonetilleke and Yan Luximon (eds) Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. AHFE (2022) International Conference. AHFE Open Access, vol 31. AHFE International, USA. http://doi.org/10.54941/ahfe1001519