On October 15, the Tijdschrift Positieve Psychology (Positive Psychology Journal; in Dutch) will be launched with a dedicated conference on Positive Psychology. DIOPD has been invited to organise a session on Positive Design at the conference. The session is titled “Monsters and Pirates; Design Thinking in Positive Psychology,” and will feature Boudewijn Boon, Janine Innemee, Deger Ozkaramanli, Jay Yoon, Anna Pohlmeyer, and Pieter Desmet.

In every edition of the Journal, Pieter will discuss examples of “positive design” by students of IDE Delft. In the first edition, he introduces the game Uniekiesdesigned by Janine Innemee, which stimulates children with and without a physical handicap to play together.

More information about the journal and conference can be found on: