Health and well-being are areas that undoubtedly have a significant relevance in people’s lives. Design from research and practice has the challenge of responding to the needs and challenges that emerge on a daily basis and those that generate crises worldwide, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, health has the ability to destabilize people’s personal lives and currently the entire world. This article explores the connections between design, health and well-being, emphasizing reflections that specifically involve people’s quality of life. This article proposes placing design in an active role in the creation of solutions and opportunities that benefit people in those aspects that largely determine the perception of well-being. As a consequence, the design could be considered the balance between both concepts, aiming to benefit human life.

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Soto, M., Xue, H., & Tsekleves, E. (2022). Design for balance: wellness and health. Base, Diseño E Innovación7(6), 4-11. https://doi.org/10.52611/bdi.num6.2022.786