Why do we need a manual for something a two-year-old can do? The basic techniques of collage like tearing, cutting and gluing are so simple – and materials can be found anywhere for free – that it seems rather pointless to pour out a lot of words about it. However, this manual is only partially about these techniques (yes, there are some tricks, you don’t know yet); it is more about the way designers could use them to express themselves and communicate in images.

In comparison with spoken language, it is quite clear that for writing a note, an essay, a novel or a poem you need more training than for reproducing 26 different letters. Selecting image fragments and rearrange them to form new meanings and expressions of character, qualities and emotions you want to convey is something that requires training. To apply these skills in the design process in an exploring, communicating and inspiring way, they should be mastered to a proper level.

This manual will help you to reach that level. Although the language of images is a universal means of expression, we will focus on typical designer skills. To designers, students and teachers this guide will offer useful starting points and training methods.

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Citation: Wormgoor, R., & Desmet, P.M.A. (2018). Collage for designers: Invent, involve, inspire. Delft: Delft University of Technology.ISBN: 978-94-6187-928-9