Even though group mood has a significant impact on organizational functioning, there is no typology available to describe distinct group moods. We propose that designing products and services to facilitate beneficial group mood experiences requires a granular and experience-oriented understanding of the phenomenon. This article introduces an initial typology of eight group moods using a componential approach. The typology was generated via an exploratory study designed to identify aspects and qualities of group mood experienced in professional settings. We observed real-life meetings of five small workgroups. Group mood perceptions were self-reported in situ and later described collectively in a group session. By categorizing the group mood qualities in participants’ descriptions, we developed eight group mood types. This typology aims to facilitate a granular understanding of the group mood phenomenon for designers (practitioners and researchers). We envision this overview of eight group moods as the first step toward developing a systematic knowledge of group mood in the field of design.

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Sönmez, A., Desmet, P. M. A., & Herrera, N. R. (2022). Chill, fiery, slack, and five other vibes: A phenomenological inquiry into group mood. She Ji: The Journal of Design, Economics, and Innovation, 8(1), 93-117.